The Connection Warren-Watchung Edition Feb/Mar 2019 Our vision is to restore and enhance the natural look of your smile using state of the art technologies to create beautiful, long-lasting smiles. 1806 Spring$eld Avenue • New Providence, NJ 07974 • 908-665-2300 • Bridges • Dentures Implants • Laminates Sleep Apnea Crowns • TMJ Carlos Moglianesi, DMD, FACP New Jersey Specialty No. 3639 “Last Monday I Was Scared.. My Back Hurt So Much I Couldn’t Even Walk”… Revealed: 6 Back Pain Secrets That Are Helping People in Warren Put An End To Their Crippling Back Pain Misery WITHOUT Needing To Visit The Doctor Or Keep Taking Painkillers! By Leading Back Pain Expert, Dr. Justin Rabinowitz If you or your loved one suffers from chronic low back pain then reading this new book may be the most important thing you do this year. It may unlock the ONE secret that has been your problem or obstacle that gets you out of your misery and back to the life you deserve before back pain stopped you. Does this sound like you? – You wake up each morning and it takes 20 minutes just to get out of bed and put your clothes on because your back is so stiff and tight. – You run to the urgent care at least twice a year and leave with a prescription for pills (that you know only helps temporarily). – You are afraid of simply lifting and playing with your kids because you just know that your back will “go out.” – You can’t imagine what the next 20 years feels like if you go on with this debilitating low back pain. Finally, New Jersey’s leading back pain expert – Dr. Justin Rabinowitz from Warren who has already helped 100s of people in Warren with his back pain recovery advice reveals his best kept secrets in a brand new book… How to actually get to the bottom of back pain without taking pain pills or even visiting your doctor. This new book reveals how pain medication and muscle relaxers might be just ‘easy’ for a doctor to prescribe, but may not necessarily be right for you in the long run...have you seen the list of crippling side effects these days? If you are currently seeing a doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist, thinking about it, or just don’t know what to do about it, but really want some help, then you need this book to get to the bottom of your pain! Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside This New Book: • What ‘Experts’ You Should Trust With Your Back Pain (and not the ones you may think!!) • Why Your Back Is ALWAYS Worse Before Bed and what to do about it! • Why 80% of the population suffers from back pain and most doctors don’t help. • The #1 mistake that people make when healing from back pain ...which is the main reason it comes back worse!! • The 100 year old secret exercise that NO chiropractor or physical therapist will tell you about-in case you start doing it (and realize you should have been doing it all along) This book is available on for $12.99 BUT for Connections Readers we are offering a limited amount of copies 100% Free! (This is PERFECT for people between the ages of 40-60 years old!) Request your FREE copy right now by dialing (908) 547-0729 and we will send it to you in the mail immediately! P.S.-We can only offer 6 Free Copies this month so please act fast and call (don’t worry, nobody will ask you for money or anything else over the phone) P.P.S.- Last month we mailed out ALL 6 copies quickly, so please do NOT hesitate! PAGE 20