The Connections Bridgewater Somerville Edition Dec 2019-Jan 2020

PAGE 43 Visit our Website: for valuable weekly coupons. Join our Email Loyalty Program to receive Special Loyalty Member ONLY offers. Follow us on Facebook @DutchFarmersMarket 19 Commerce Street, Flemington (behind Shop Rite) 908-806-8476 Expires 1/31/20. One Offer Per Stand Per Customer. LIL’S SOFT PRETZELS & ICE CREAM 908-806-0334 Buy 1 Pretzel Get One Free Expires 1/31/20. One Offer Per Stand Per Customer. MY RESTAURANT 908-806-7182 10% off Find us on Facebook @myrestaurant in the Flemington Farmers Market. Expires 1/31/20. One Offer Per Stand Per Customer. BEILER’S CHEESE & PICKLES 908-806-6071 $1.00 off $5.00 Purchase Expires 1/31/20. One Offer Per Stand Per Customer. MARTY’S CANDIES, CANNED GOODS, HOMEMADE FUDGE 908-806-6071 $1.00 off per lb. Expires 1/31/20. One Offer Per Stand Per Customer. LANCASTER COUNTY MEATS 908-806-8476 $10.00 off $100.00 Purchase $5.00 off $50.00 Purchase Expires 1/31/20. One Offer Per Stand Per Customer. ROLL ‘N SUSHI 267-577-1685 Buy 2 California Rolls Get Free Water Bottle Expires 1/31/20. One Offer Per Stand Per Customer. ESH’S CRAFTS 908-806-3555 15% off All Bird Feeders & Bird Houses Expires 1/31/20. One Offer Per Stand Per Customer. BECCA’S BAKERY 908-806-3904 $3.00 off Any $30.00 Purchase Donuts - Buy 6 Get 2 FREE Expires 1/31/20. One Offer Per Stand Per Customer. Expires 1/31/20. One Offer Per Stand Per Customer. STOLTZFUS FRESH & BBQ POULTRY 908-806-8676 Buy 2 Fresh Chicken Pot Pies Get One Free Expires 1/31/20. One Offer Per Stand Per Customer. ESH’S SEAFOOD & SALADS 908-806-3555 $2.00 off 1 lb. Cooked or Raw Shrimp MARKET HOURS - Thurs: 10am-6pm, Fri: 9am-7pm, Sat: 8am-3pm RESTAURANT HOURS - Thurs: 7am-6pm, Fri: 7am-7pm, Sat: 7am-3pm FLEMINGTON PRODUCE 908-237-0888 $1.00 off All Lemonades 64 oz. Expires 1/31/20. One Offer Per Stand Per Customer. HUBBY’S WATCH SERVICE 908-399-2843 Free Watch Battery Check Your Check An array of delicious home-style comfort foods, sweet treats and farm fresh products await you. BAKERY • CANDY • CHEESE • CRAFTS • MEATS • POULTRY PRETZELS • PRODUCE • RESTAURANT • SEAFOOD • SUSHI Christmas Hrs. Mon. 12/23/19 10am - 6pm Tues. 12/24/19 8am - 2pm DUTCH COUNTRY FARMERS MARKET 19 Commerce Street, Flemington 908-806-8476 The Dutch Country Farmers Market offers a huge array of delicious homemade comfort foods, sweet treats, fresh meats and produce, quality furniture and unique craft items. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday the market is bustling with shoppers, taking in the sights and aromas of the many offerings from friendly, Amish vendors, all under one roof. For 29 years, the market has brought old-fashioned quality from the countryside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Flemington. Becca’s Bakery (908-806-3904) offers homemade baked goods, prepared on the prem- ises and made right before your eyes. Becca’s fresh donuts, apple and blueberry fritters are top sellers. Whoopie pies, rolls, cakes, muffins, breads, pies, gluten-free and sugar-free items are also available. Watch homemade pretzels being made from scratch at Lil’s Soft Pretzels (908-806-0334) . Her hand rolled famous pretzels are delicious on their own, or stuffed with cheeses or meat of your choice. Hot dog wraps, ham and cheese wraps, cinnamon sticks are favorite customer choices. Homemade root beer, popcorn, chips; coffee, coffee beans, Hershey’s ice cream and milk shakes are also available. Beiler’s Cheese and Pickles (908-806- 6071) features raw milk cheese from Millport Dairy, Lancaster County, and a beautiful display of imported and domestic cheeses, homemade cheese spreads, yogurt and butter. Barrel cured pickles, beets and sauerkraut are crowd favorites. Fresh milk, butter, cheese and yogurt with no added BST hormones are for sale. Visit the homemade Fudge Shop at Marty’s Candies & Canned Goods (908-806-6071) and check out the vast selection of chocolates, can- dies, dried nuts and home canned goods. Sugar, spices, flour, jams, jellies, noodles, apple butter and honey are also on display. Esh’s Craft (908-806-3555) offers Amish handcrafted outdoor lawn furniture, children’s furniture, wall hangings, picture frames, crafts, quilts, mailboxes, bird feeders, bird houses, light- houses, chimes, candles, placemats, table run- ners, Usborne children’s books, cloth books and much more. Indoor furniture is also sold and can be custom made. Esh’s Seafood and Salads (908-806-3555) offers fresh wild caught and farm raised seafood. Some selections include: grouper, cod, salmon, shrimp, flounder, tilapia, stuffed flounder, clams and crabs. Over 100 types of prepared foods are made on site, including soups and salads. Numerous side dishes including chopped liver, stuffed olives, stuffed peppers and deviled eggs and desserts are available to complete the meal. Flemington Produce (908-237-0888) offers a wide selection of fresh seasonal fruits and veg- etables. Fresh squeezed juices, lemonade, smoothies, cut up fruit and party platters are available. Find fresh poultry without hormones and antibiotics at Stoltzfus Fresh & BBQ Poultry (908-806-8676) . An extensive showcase fea- tures many cuts of chicken, pork and turkey, and an array of prepared entrees, potatoes and veg- etables. Cooked items including fresh BBQ, ribs, spicy wings and rotisserie chicken are available to eat-in or take out. Lancaster County Meats (908-806-8476) features fresh cuts of beef and organic beef, veal, pork, lamb and a full line of lunchmeats and much more. Holiday Special: whole filet mignon $2.00 off per lb. for Christmas and New Year’s. Place your holiday meat order now! Hickory smoked bacon and fresh home- made sausage without preservatives are top sell- ers. Free sausage tastings are available most Fridays and Saturdays. We also have Sugar free sausages available. Special orders for organic meats are available upon request. At Hubby’s Watch Service (908-399-2843) a full watch repair service as well as battery replacement for calculators, garage door remote, and some car key fobs. Some repairs can be done while you shop. Les Huber, a local is known as “Hubby” to his customers. Visit Roll & Sushi (267-577-1685) for home- made sushi selections and California rolls. Party Platters are available upon request. My Restaurant (908-806-7182) is located on site and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Homestyle cooking, all meals made from scratch, no preservatives added. Gluten free and milk free selections offered. Eat in or Take out, catering available. We open at 7am Thursday, Friday & Saturday. The market is located at 19 Commerce Street in Flemington. Hours are Thursday 10am until 6 pm, Friday 9am until 7pm, and Saturday 8am until 3pm. Special holiday hours Monday.12/23 10am- 6 pm and Tuesday, 12/24 8am-2pm. Call 908- 806-8476 for more information and visit and follow us on Facebook for coupons and view weekly specials. Celebrating our 29th Anniversary This Year! Dining for the Holidays