The Connections Bridgewater Somerville Edition Dec 2019-Jan 2020 WHAT IS FAT FREEZING? By: Rebecca Lu, MD Board-Certified Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon Fat freezing, also known as cry- olipolysis, is a new non-surgical way to reduce subcutaneous body fat. Cryolipolysis works by freezing unwanted fat cells, causing them to break down, and get eliminated by the body. The fat cells do not migrate to another area of the body- they are in fact eliminated by the body. This results in a 20-25% reduction of fat cells in the treated areas. Since new fat cells are not formed in adulthood, once the fat cells are eliminated, those fat cells are gone. The device that is used for fat freez- ing is called Coolsculpting ® . Coolsculpting ® is FDA-approved to treat visible fat bulges in 9 areas: under the chin, under the jawline, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, flanks (love handles and muffin top), under the bra fat, back fat, and buttocks (banana rolls). In addition, it is also FDA-approved to improve lax or loose tissue under the chin. Multiple treatments may be needed to achieve desired result. It can take at least 1 to 3 months to see results. The science behind Coolsculpting ® starts with how fat is made. The amount of fat cells each person has is determined during childhood and is specific to each person. New fat cells are not made during adult- hood. When you lose weight, the number of fat cells does not change - the fat cells simply shrink. When you gain weight, you don’t make new fat cells. Your fat cells enlarge, causing certain body areas to get larger as well, such as your waistline and double chin. The beauty of Coolsculpting ® is that it permanently eliminates unwanted fat cells in a non-surgical, non-inva- sive way. While Coolsculpting ® is very effec- tive, it is not meant for weight loss per se. It is meant for reducing fat bulges or fat pockets in certain areas in generally fit patients. It is for those stubborn areas that don’t go away no matter how much exercise you do or how much weight you lose. By treating prob- lem areas, Coolsculpting ® can help sculpt your body to a more desired shape, particularly in those stub- born areas. Coolsculpting ® is an easy treat- ment. The skin in the area being treated is first prepped with a wipe and a clear gel sheet is placed over it. The Coolsculpting ® applicator is placed over the gel sheet and you will feel a vacuum suction sensation followed by a brief cold sensation. This cold sensation goes away quickly as the area becomes numb. During your treatment, you may read a book, watch a show on your phone or tablet, or simply close your eyes and rest. Depending on the area being treated, treatment times vary from 35 minutes, 45 minutes, or 75 minute for each area. Once the treatment is com- pleted, the treated area is briefly massaged and that’s it. There are no activity restrictions, no compres- sion garments needed, and you may go about your normal routine. You may experience redness, numbness, and soreness, like you did a bunch of sit ups for example, but that is temporary. Every per- son’s body is different, and there- fore treatment is highly customized to each person. Multiple treat- ments may be needed to achieve desired result. Not everyone is a candidate for Coolsculpting ® . You will need to discuss with your provider if Coolsculpting ® is right for you. Goodbye, Stubborn Fat. Hello, Long-Term Results! Dr. Rebecca Lu is a Board- Certified Dermatologist and Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon specializing in the treatment of skin cancer, laser surgery, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. She has performed thousands of surgeries and has a reputa- tion for excellence. 7 Mt. Bethel Road, Warren, NJ 07059 We are in the same building as Coldwell Banker (across from Starbucks) 908-787-8088 • Start your transformation today with CoolSculpting ® • Nonsurgical • Little or no downtime • Works in the areas that bother you most Want more cool details? JUST ASK, OR VISIT # 1 nonsurgical fat reduction treatment ® The CoolSculpting ® treatment is an innovative, nonsurgical way to contour your body by safely and effectively freezing stubborn fat away. BEFORE 6 WEEKS AFTER CoolSculpting ® Session UNDER THE CHIN BEFORE 17 WEEKS AFTER Second CoolSculpting ® Session SIDE (FLANK) BEFORE 12 WEEKS AFTER Second CoolSculpting ® Session ABDOMEN Results and patient experience may vary. PAGE 21 Health & Wellness